Project Management
New Features
  • Team Milestones
    – Previously, only educator and employer were able to create milestones for teams working on a project for a course or Internship Program. Student now have the ability to create and add their own milestones to the timeline.
  • Direct message capabilities added to the project/IP/course pages for employers and educators only, through the chat bubble on the user nametag.
  • Added more information, next steps and a comparison component to the request wizard for employers and educators matching projects with courses and internship programs.
  • Updated the styling and content in the top banner of the request pages.
  • Updated the Internship Program invitation process to match the same process as inviting students to a course. Educators can now add students emails and send invites through the invitation wizard.
  • Any user on the Request page can sort requests by expiration date with the most recent at the top.
  • Added the ability for students to re-apply to IP where their request is cancelled, declined, expired.