March 2022
New Features
  • Added the ‘highly responsive’ user property to the recommendation engine, enabling these user to be ranked higher in the search pages.
  • A user creating a new course or project who selects the option "Create from template" will see a list of recommended templates, based on the categories and subcategories tagged to their profile.
  • When an employer is signing up as the admin of a company, the company categories are now auto-populated by the admin's categories. The categories are editable when editing the company profile.
  • Added new section on the first step of the project wizard listing what the employer will need to create a new project.
  • By default content in the search pages is ordered by ‘recommended for me’, this can also be found in the sort options. When a user searches with any other tags or filters, the recommended for me filter is removed.
  • When a company is created and no banner is uploaded, the company banner image is automatically assigned from a set of preselected images, based on the industry selected. If the company has several industries, it will user the first industry tagged.
  • The preview step of the project wizard now shows all relevant information, including resources, files, FAQs, image carousel and video.