February 2022
Content Creation
New Features
  • An educator is now able to provide custom submission instructions for students rather than the current generic version shown across all team pages.
  • A student is now able to upload more than one file to complete a milestone or a final submission.
  • Added responsiveness indicator and tooltip to employer’s and educator’s nametag in the course, IP, and project libraries. Responsiveness is measured by the number of “review” requests accepted and declined by that user divided by the total number of requests they’ve received.
  • Create Teams + Invite Students Wizard - provides educators with the option to form teams as they invite students, and for students to be automatically part of those teams once they accept the educator’s invite and sign up to Riipen.
  • The locale fields updated in the project wizard to use the company location as the display values.
  • When the application due date is upcoming, it is now shown on the internship program match card.
  • The Applications column of an Internship Program’s “Projects” tab should show relevant information about the status of applications.
  • A Closed status will now display on a match page if the match is no longer open to student applications.