2021 November
Content Creation
Project Management
Emails & Notifications
New Features
  • Subcategories: Everywhere content or user preferences was previously tagged with categories it can now be tagged with subcategories. Users can search content by subcategory, and will be asked to pick up to 5 subcategories when creating new content.
  • When an employer’s request is accepted, the administrators of the project receive a new email detailing the commitments, start and end dates, and other relevant details of the match.
  • Educators and employers can select a reason, which is provided to the requester, when declining a request.
  • Onboarding Wizard Update: Student and educator onboarding wizards updated to be a multi-step sign up wizard, making each step clear to the user.
  • Educators who are an admin member of a school can edit a project, access the project wizard and save changes for projects published to their school. This means a school admin can edit a school pass holder’s project, as long as the pass holder chose to publish to their school.
  • An Internship Program admin can close their Internship Program from having any more students join projects.
  • Users on the projects tab of a Course page or Matches tab of an Internship Program page can now search by keyword.
  • Added a keyword search box to the Students tab of a course or internship program page. Users can now search by student name.
  • An Internship Program now has a setting, same as a course, where the user can set the Internship Program to "Private" to remove it from the search pages.
  • Schools have a “Companies” table under their Reports tab which lists all companies they have worked with, whether the company has a school pass, and other relevant data such as the date of the first match with the school.
School Pass Usability Improvements
  • To the Companies tab of a school portal, a new invitation sub-tab has been added showing the email address sent to, the name of the company, and the date the invitation was created. This shows pending invitations only.
  • When creating a school pass invitation an optional message field can be filled in which is included in email invite.
  • Employer sign up experience is customized to show the school prominently as a separate step during sign up and prompts them to create a project for your institution.
  • A “magic link” has been added to the Invite Company options which lets you provide a single link to an unlimited number of employers. When signing up, they are automatically granted a school pass and are taken through the new customized school pass sign up experience.
  • Through the existing Invite Company process, you may now select a company who is already signed up and has a school pass with your institution and can still invite them to a course and/or create a draft project for them.