2021 December
Content Creation
  • Updated the styling of the course timeline to be collapsable on mobile.
  • The Riipen marketplace now has a "Recommended for you" list for logged in users. The recommendations are based on categories of interest, browsing activity, etc.
  • The custom description added by an educator in the Deliverables step of a course wizard is now reflected on all team pages for that course. It is also shown on the submission step in place of the generic instructions for students.
  • On the Deliverables step of the course wizard, the final submission should have an editable Description field. This lets the educator provide submission instructions to their students.
  • A team or user feedback card now has a "share" link when viewed in the dashboard. A user can share a project experience to Linkedin via individual feedback cards on their Riipen dashboard. This displays if the feedback is for a user or a team.
  • Students can now see feedback in their dashboards so they know to expect it from the first interaction with the platform and can more easily find (and share) feedback they've received.
Feedback User Experience
  • Added additional email feedback reminders for employers, educators and students.
  • Increased prominence of in-platform calls to action for feedback on the team page and match page.
  • Increase prominence of feedback already given to increase awareness.